Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday March 2nd

Went on a recce down to Dunsfold today for a new show (more later but some die-hard fans might get a clue!)

The sun was out, the sky was powder blue and the air was clear.

Roof down, music cranked up, open road, glorious contryside....pure bliss.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Petrolheads pictures

Here's a set of pictures from Petrolheads.

There's a great one of Richard Hammond giving the mobility scooter some wellie, a close-up of Neil's desk and a main set shot.

Also one of Ricky Tomlinson on set.

I've got some nice action shots of the guys on Segways, which I'll post soon.

Time for another poll.....

What do you want to see on my Blog?
More photos?
More descriptions of the shows?
More blogs dedicated to my other shows
My own personal thoughts and views about anything?
More posts in general?
More links?

Any other suggestions? - Please post a comment

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tuesday 28th Feb

I'm off for a meeting at the BBC tomorrow for a possible new job...more when confirmed.

Also popped in to Talkback today (see my Green Wing Blog).

Will endeavour to get some Brass Eye and Smack The Pony pictures uploaded...that's high on my list, once I've filed 9 months of paperwork and tidied my office, started doing some exercise, planned a new website, sorted out my accounts and generally got my life back in order.

I'd like to also start uploading some of my sketches (early designs etc)....let me know if that's of any interest to anybody.

As ever, will try VERY hard to keep my Blogs up to date. Please keep posting your comments which are all gratefully received!