Saturday, April 01, 2006


I'm off on holiday soon, so blog posts might be a little slower (is that possible I hear you ask?)

I might even post a few holiday snaps while I'm away!

When I get back, it's busy busy busy. Straight into a new series of the wonderful Qi, a new series of Top Gear, plus the finale to the Great British Menu, and pre-production for the brand new comedy series called Star Stories.

Plenty to look forward to....I'm off to pack....


dizzi1 said...

Hey, so will that be the new series of Top Gear then? When will it be getting aired, do you know?

Have a good holiday!!!

JPG said...

It is indeed a new series. Some time in May I think.
Will post more details when I get back.

dizzi1 said...

Cool, thanks!